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Road to Fit

The Path to Weight Loss Motivation!

Road 2 Fit
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Welcome to ROAD 2 FIT!

The road to fitness doesn't have to be a lonely one. It can be filled with lots of curves and construction, and motivation is a big key in overcoming all those twists and turns. If you are looking for a lot of motivation or are just in need of a boost, you're at the right place! ROAD2FIT: The Path to Weight Loss Motivation!

Please read this entire page before joining the community!

This community is designed for those that are seeking daily motivation for their weight loss goals. It is meant to provide a supportive and friendly atmosphere for those who are striving to reach health and fitness goals and to create a better lifestyle for themselves.

Each day a new post will be made by one of the community maintainers that includes a motivational quote and various questions to really keep you thinking about why you have started down the ROAD2FIT!

Community Guidelines

Upon joining, please take the time to introduce yourself. Feel free to share as much or as little as you're comfortable with. Members that have not made an introductory post within 3 days will be removed. This is for the safety and comfort of all our members.

Please do not make a new post for the daily motivation posts, simply reply to the original post.

This is NOT a pro-ana or pro-mia community and posts of this nature will be removed immediately.

This is a supportive environment, take the drama elsewhere.

For the comfort and safety of our members, all posts are friends-only.

Because this is a motivational and supportive community, try to take the time to reply to your co-members - we all need to learn to give as much as we're wanting to get! =)

If you'd like to submit a motivational quote, thought, or question for use in the daily motivation posts, please reply here. All comments are screened and the maintainers will do their best to see to it that all entries are used!

Special Note

Some quotes, thoughts, or questions may be of a Biblical, spiritual, and/or religious nature. They are not meant to offend, but to motivate. If those posts offend you, please pass over them. As stated before, this is a drama free community. Thoughts and quotes from all religious and spiritual backgrounds are welcome! Motivation comes in all forms!

Community Maintainers

Hilary (allpeachy4me) and Melody (simplymelodious) are your friendly, motivational maintainers! If you have any questions or concerns, you can reply to this post. All comments will be screened and either Hilary or Melody will get back to you as soon as possible!